Tales of Terror: Dark Menagerie

Dark Menagerie is the new line of 5th edition miniatures from Wicked Foundations. These unpainted miniatures are made of hard-quality plastic and each is accompanied with pioneering monster mechanics and enveloping lore; including a purchasable bestiary. Use them to enhance your table-top gaming today! 


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Tales of Terror Featured Characters

Grandma Malka

The embodiment of bitter greed, Malka devours children and hope alike. She will lure you into her floating Orphanarium, leech your energies, and pile you into the dust with her minions.

Twisted Toymaker

A devious master of crafted mechanics, the Twisted Toymaker is one-part engineer and one-part devil. His machinations will grind up the innocent, vivisect the pure, and torment the pious.


A lumbering avatar of fae cruelty and aggression, the Striggore will carve out its portion of the forest through cruel will and crueler methods. Your party will suffer entirely new torments at the gnarled fingers of the woodsy lord.

Whats Included


Infantile Visages


Tales of Terror: Carcosa

"Behold the Voranaut, shaper of the cosmos. This monumental being uses flesh as its preferred medium of artistry, and its godly eyes have settled on yours. With infinite reach, this elder god will grasp at your party across the planes for an end-game encounter!" Tales of Terror: Carcosa is a new line of 5e miniatures accompanying Tales of Terror: Dark Menagerie. The set includes one Voranaut, an accompanying digital bestiary, and a lair mat!



About Wicked Foundations

We here at Wicked Foundations are fascinated by things that go bump in the night. Our mission is to incorporate our original monstrosities seamlessly into your table top experience. We do so by delivering story elements, narrative, distinct combat mechanics, lairs, and minis to your game. Embrace our wicked designs and subject your players to challenges never seen before!

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